Is She Wrong for Getting Someone Kicked Out Her Friend Group Because of Her Service Dog? People Responded.

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AITA for getting my ex friend kicked out of our friend group due to my service dog?

“I just want to start by saying I’m pretty sure I’m not the A-hole. But my friend and her family are pretty certain that I am. Please bear with me, I’m just wanting some clarity over this situation to make sure I’m not crazy.

I (24 f) have epilepsy. I have a service dog (fully certified) who is trained to help me with my seizures. I have been diagnosed since a child, and I have had my current dog Bailey for 4 years now and she is the bestest girl around. (Before Bailey I had a previous service dog who we had to retire due to age… but having a service animal is by no means new for me). With her being a service dog she is obviously always with me.

I have a core friend group who hangs out quite often. My one friend; let’s call her Anna) (also 24f) always makes really weird and almost passive aggressive comments about me and Bailey? Ex; dogs shouldn’t come to restaurants, I’m inconveniencing people, etc. she doesn’t get that I legitimately need her for my own safety. It’s not just for show.

My seizures are really regular; for context I actually get two different kinds. My “small ones” are petit Mal seizures. This essentially just looks like I’m zoning out and staring into space. Quite often people who don’t know me wouldn’t even connect this.

My “big ones” are my main concern; these are focal seizures where I fully lose consciousness. This can happen a couple times a day for me so it’s obviously really important that I manage it to the best of my abilities.

Anyways. Our friend Anna wanted to host a games night/appy night type thing at her house. When we there she lost it on me. She told me it was increadibly disrespectful that I showed up with Bailey without asking for permission first. That I can’t just assume people will be happy with a dog always being around. That I should have just stayed home if I couldn’t handle being out for a few hours without Bailey.

I tried apologizing and pointing out that I assumed she knew I was bringing her since I’ve never gone anywhere without her. That set her off more. The guys were finally able to calm her down but her “compromise” was I had to put Bailey in the backyard.

I was an idiot and said fine because I didn’t want to inconvenience anyone more or continue stirring the pot. Bailey went out side and I returned inside with my friends.

I ended up having a seizure, blacking out and smashing my head on the floor. I had to go to the hospital because of how hard I hit my head.

I guess my friend group absolutely handed Ana her a** calling her h**eful, toxic, and a jealous witch. I guess she was trying to say that I passed out for the attention and I got my way like always. Long story short no one wants her around anymore.

Since this happened her, her sister and mom have been blowing up my phone, calling me the a**hole and demanding I fix this situation and it’s honestly getting to me.. so Reddit. AITA?”

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