Is She Wrong for Laughing Because Someone Said a Dish Wasn’t Good at Thanksgiving? People Responded.

You know how sometimes family events can get competitive?

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And that sometimes spills over into cooking, too.

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AITA for laughing after my sister implied my brother’s girlfriend’s dish wasn’t good at Thanksgiving?

“I, 27F and my brother “John” 26M are very close, so I was definitely shocked when he surprised us on Thanksgiving by bringing his new girlfriend “Chelsea”.

He was very happy though, and tbh, that’s the only thing we want for him, so we (grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, cousins) held off on all questions until another time.

Anyway, dinner time rolls around and we’re sharing everything, and my aunt kinda pulls me off to the side and tells me we’re not gonna be eating my mashed potatoes because Chelsea brought some and John asked that we serve those.

I was a little peeved not gonna lie, because I’ve done the mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving since I was sixteen, but I got over it pretty fast. I really didn’t care as long as they were good.

Spoiler alert, they were not.

Everything that could’ve gone wrong with those potatoes went wrong.

They were raisins.

She was really excited though so when she asked everybody if they were good she got some “mmhhmms.”

You know, the kind you do with your mouth closed and an uncomfortable smile on your face.

Everything else was good, so her dish was highlighted. We all thought we passed it though, until my nephew spit it out into a tissue.

She said something about not pleasing everybody to lighten the mood cause we were all looking at him hard as hell, and my brother went “I’m sure they glad to have a break from [my] potatoes anyway” and then laughed.

I wasn’t gonna say anything, but my sister (22F) said “We are not” in the most monotone voice and I just laughed, man.

Like one burst of a cackle.

Chelsea teared up and the rest of the night was awkward. My brother called me an ass and is still mad at me.


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