17 Weird Smells That Some People Secretly Like

There’s no accounting for taste, and also, what’s weird to one person might be normal or even favorable to someone else – but when it comes to certain smells, most of us can agree that we’d rather avoid them if we can.

But hey, to each their own, and as long as you’re not hurting anyone, I say carry on with what makes you happy – even if what you like seems pretty darn odd to the rest of us.

17. Ooh I like that, too.

Pvc pool toys when you’re unfolding them before you blow them up.

I bought a shower curtain the other day and instead of a light plastic smell it smells heavily of inflatable pool toys, best shower ever.

16. Nostalgia overload.

I remember liking the smell of Disney VHS cases.

I feel like it’s 1995 and I’m on the living room floor about to pop in Pocahontas for the 4th time today.

15. Fresh laundry.

That clean laundry smell from external dryer vents.

14. Especially my grandparents’ house.

I dont know if this counts, where I used to live is very common to hug people all the time, and if I have been in someone’s home before, the place would have a particular smell.

Almost every time I would hug them, they would smell like their home. It always felt good to make that association, it was comforting somehow.

13. As long as it’s not wet basement.

I love the smell of basement- which I don’t know if is weird, but I’m the only one I know who likes it.

12. This hurts my heart.

Machine lubricating oil.

My dad was a machinist. He had this smell on his work clothes .

I miss my dad.

11. Not so much.

That smell when you walk into a hotel with a pool.

I love that over chlorinated, humid reek of indoor hotel pools.

10. Pets are the best.

I love how my bird smells.

I have a green cheek conure and he hangs out with me all the time. He’s hand-trained and hangs out with me constantly unless it’s time for bed or when I’m at work (which he then goes in his cage). He doesn’t mind when I bring him up to my face and just give him a big ‘ol whiff. I give him bird chop (which is basically a mix bird-friendly veggies, grains, and a few seeds) and he smells like a pleasant combination of mixed veggies and a feather pillow.

He’s a needy little thing but I love him. He loves popcorn, sunflower seeds, and riding my dog around

9. This one can’t be uncommon.

The smoke fireworks leave behind. One of my favorite smells.

A friend took me shooting at a gun range to teach me how to fire a handgun, and after the first round, I said, “hey, it smells like fireworks!” Cue everyone looking at me like I was an idiot.

8. Smells like technology.

The smell of brand new tech gadgets. It smells technology.

Whenever I buy a new mouse or keyboard (it is especially true for logitech products I don’t know if it is a general thing) I sniff them as long as I can detect that sweet plastic-y, ultra clean smelling goodness.

7. A bestseller for sure.

The smell of Home Depot.

I have long been hoping for Yankee Candle to team up with Home Depot to a lumber aisle scented candle.

6. That sweet marker smell.

White board markers. And single use lenses wipes.

Honestly anything chemical smelling.

5. Sweet summer fruit.

Tomato vines!

4. This is the truth.

Ah, back in the old days, the smell of papers that the teacher handed out that were fresh off those old hand-cranked mimeograph machines.

The solvent. Mmmm.

Anyone old enough to know this smell loved it, anyone not old enough thinks it’s an uncommon one. I can pretty much guarantee anyone over the age of around 45 in North America knows and loved this smell.

3. I could sniff them for days.

The inside binding of a new paperback book. It smells so clean.

Books in general I think smell good, but brand new ones are the best ngl.

2. Smells like summer.

Water coming out of a garden hose.

The combination of polyurethane and the metallic ozoneness of the water is heaven.

1. Just a short list.

Freshly opened tennis balls, the smell of AC right when it turns on in a car on a hot day, the smell of a Home Depot or Lowes, cat fur right after they clean it.

People just delight me when they get real about strange things, you know?

Please, if there’s an odd smell that does it for you, tell us in the comments what it is!