Is She Wrong for Not Paying Her Boyfriend Back After He Got the Wrong Birthday Cake? People Responded.

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AITA for not paying my boyfriend back after he didn’t get me the right birthday cake?

“I definitely have a bit of a complex about this kind of stuff because of how I grew up—always with my siblings getting what they asked for while I almost never did, and generally feeling like I never “get my turn” at things, so it will be helpful to know if I’m justified or overreacting.

My bf and I have been dating for 10 months and it was my birthday yesterday. I put a lot of effort into birthdays (including his) and was pretty excited about it for the last month or so. There is a local bakery that makes a really good-looking pineapple upside down cake.

I have been really wanting to try it and have been saving it for my birthday. About a month in advance, I told him my birthday was coming up and gave him a few activity ideas, and told him that I didn’t need a gift but I really wanted a pineapple upside down cake from XYZ Bakery, he said “sure.”

Now…I know this was probably annoying, but I did mention this specific cake several times, even before last month. Like we would drive by the bakery and I’d say something like “Oh hey that’s the place with the pineapple cake, I wanna do that for my birthday.”

I wasn’t deliberately hammering the point home or anything (or aware that it was gonna end in a cake-centered conflict), but there were a couple occasions where it came up. And then a week before my birthday I did text him a reminder about the cake so that he would have the bakery info on hand.

Yesterday rolls around and my boyfriend comes over to my apartment and gives me a gift, which is a Kindle. Not a bad gift and I know they are expensive, but not something particularly relevant to me either.

Then he says let’s have cake, and presents what you all know by now is not the pineapple upside down cake, but just a regular grocery store cake with the frosting balloons. Vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream. You guys, I was legitimately sad. If I knew he was gonna drop the ball on this, I would have just gotten myself a pineapple cake months ago instead of waiting.

I was on the verge of tears because of not getting the one thing I actually wanted which was that stupid cake, so I told him I was very disappointed and that he should just go home. He had two tickets to a comedy show for that night and one ended up going to waste. Now he’s annoyed because it is of course “just a cake” and wants me to reimburse the cost of the wasted ticket.

It was only about $30, but I’m bristling at the principal of it and said I didn’t owe him the money. He sent me a Venmo request for $30, AITA if I don’t pay?”

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