Is She Wrong for Telling Friend She Can’t Bring Her Baby to Girls’ Weekend?

If you’re getting away for a girls’ or a guys’ weekend, I think it’s pretty much understood that the kids are staying home, right?

Well, maybe not…

So is this woman a jerk for telling her friend to leave her baby behind when they go to Chicago for a ladies’ trip?

Take a look at her story and see what you think.

AITA for telling my friend she can’t bring her baby to my birthday celebration?

“I’m turning 25 in February and was planning a weekend girls trip to Chicago.

I have a friend who’s about to give birth any day now and our birthdays are ten days apart. I was hesitant to invite her in the first place since she’s about to give birth but another friend let slip about my party so she basically asked if she could come along too. I said sure and then she said she would have to bring baby girl along.

Now on this trip, I was hoping to cross a bucket list item off my list – taking edibles and going to an aquarium while in Chicago. Finishing the night off with BBQ and drinking. An environment I wasn’t comfortable having a baby around. My friend doesn’t see the problem with bringing her two month old along at all.

Everyone agrees with me. The baby shouldn’t come with. My friend says that since I don’t have kids, I shouldn’t have a say in how she raises her baby.


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This person said she’s NTA and that her friend needs to grow up.

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Another individual said her only concern is her party and she’s not trying to tell her friend how to raise her kid.

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Another individual said that if her friend’s baby daddy doesn’t come to help out, then her friend is a bad mother.

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