What Sounds Do You Remember From Your Youth That You Don’t Hear Anymore? People Responded.

When I ponder this question, one thing that comes to mind is hearing random pay-phones ring at the mall or outside on the sidewalk.

You definitely don’t hear that anymore!

Now let’s hear what AskReddit users had to say about this!

1. Splashing around.

“Weird water bed sounds…

My friend next door’s family had one in the middle of the living room.

I thought it was cool at the time… but now that I think about it… that seems weird.

Like their house wasn’t small, it was at least 3 bedrooms…”

2. Old school.

“The telephone ringing with an actual metal bell, not a recorded sound played through a speaker.

And the sound of a rotary dial.”

3. Good one!

“The “kachunk” of credit card imprint machines.

A few years back I was working at a gas station, and “some crazy sunspot interference” (to quote my boss) knocked out all our electronics.

We had to bring out the manual credit card imprinter and it was such an eargasm moment.”

4. Time to watch a film.

“In elementary school, we’d watch movies on projectors with film reels.

So…the sounds of a film projector and also the white screens they’d pull down.”

5. Satisfying.

“The daily arrival and departure of a steam locomotive.

Yes, I’m that old – but it was the most satisfying, powerful, unforgettable sound for a little kid.

They were like huge living, breathing beasts.”

6. Peaceful.

“We lived right next to a huge field and across the road from Lake Michigan so on a summer night there would be a million crickets singing, and I could smell the lake through the open window right by my bed.

Such a peaceful place, just thinking about it gives me the feels.”

7. Fun!

“The sound of a packed arcade and in particular pinball machines.

Now I’m middle aged I’m seriously eyeing a used pinball machine for my office.”

8. Yes!

“Kids playing in the street in the city and one of them yelling “CAARRR!” when a car is approaching.

I’m sure this still happens somewhere but I don’t see any kids playing in the street anymore.”

9. Long gone.

“When I was little, on the weekends in the morning when things were quiet, I could hear the horses from the ranch in the hills above us neighing.

Now the horses are gone, replaced by McMansions, and local traffic is so bad you wouldn’t be able to hear them anyway.”

10. Boom!

“A Sonic Boom.

Used to shake the whole house when it happened.

Haven’t heard one in decades.”

11. RIP.

“I had an older neighbor who would clang on pots and pans every new years. He did this until he was bed-ridden.

I’ve never heard any other person strike quite the same level of gusto in beating cast iron with a meat tenderizer.

Rest in Peace, Terry.”

12. Croak.

“I miss frogs croaking really loudly at night.

When we moved to the ‘burbs in the late 1960s there were frogs all over the place.

Now? Nothing.”

13. Nostalgia.

“Multiple large groups of children playing outside.

Grew up with 3 baseball fields, 2 tennis courts, and a creek from 30 ft to 100yds from the end of my driveway.

Pickup games or organized games year round on the fields, tennis, skateboarding, or kickball on the courts, and fishing and camping out with your buddies on the creek bank.

Looking back I feel like I grew up in paradise.”

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