Is She Wrong for Telling Her Daughter She’s a Brat? People Shared Their Thoughts.

Did your parents ever call you a “brat”?

Mine did a few times and those words hurt, my friends!

But I can see that I deserved it now…

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AITA for telling my daughter she was being a brat after she cried about blowing out her birthday candles?

“I have 4 kids, 23, 20, 16 and 13. This concerns my oldest, I’ll refer to her as ‘Zara’

We don’t normally do big parties in our family after double digits (and 18th/21st), but Zara has been going through a bit of a difficult time so we decided to throw her a surprise party. This was yesterday.

It was a big family party and Zara was enjoying it. Then the cake was brought out, I have a lot of young nieces and nephews so naturally they wanted to stand up with Zara, and she had no issue. When she went to blow out the candles, my 5 year old niece blew most of them out before her.

Everyone laughed it off, my youngest actually put 23 candles on the cake and there were still a few lit, so I told Zara to blow those out. She did, but she looked angry and started crying. She then walked off.

After that it got quite awkward and my sister (niece’s mom) got upset/embarrassed, that her daughter is a kid and didn’t mean to do it, and she didn’t think Zara would act like this. We all calmed her down that it’s not their fault.

I talked to Zara and told her she was being a selfish brat and making a scene, she’s 23 getting mad about birthday candles.

She was still upset, and my other kids are telling me I wasn’t being fair with Zara.”

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