Is She Wrong for Telling Her Stepsister She Can’t Wearing Her Mother’s Wedding Dress? People Responded.

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Check out this tale and see if you think this teenager is wrong for telling her step sister that she’s not allowed to wear her mom’s wedding dress.

AITA for telling my stepsister she can’t wear my mom’s wedding dress?

“I(16f) grew up without a father for a long time it was just me and my mom. Last year my mom got married to my step dad brad. Brad has 2 kids Tessa(f26) and Jake(m18)

My dad passed away shortly after I was born leaving my mom in mountains of debt. The one thing she refused to sell was her wedding dress. She always talked about how it was her dream for me to get married wearing her dress or at least her veil.

It’s a gorgeous simple white dress with a long lace veil. My dad had the dress hand-made and designed for my mom before their wedding. when my mom remarried she still refused to sell the dress and got a new dress for her wedding to Brad. She always talks about that dress being mine.

Tessa got engaged last week, she was so excited to show off her ring and talk about her wedding plans. Tessa knows how much the dress means to me. So while talking about her wedding with my mom and Brad. She threw out the idea of wearing the dress my mom saved for me at her wedding cause “It’ll save us so much money”

My mom brought up the fact that she wasn’t comfortable with that since she was saving the dress for me. But Brad said my mom should agree since she now has two wedding dresses and I can wear the other one.

Tessa also pointed out that the dress would need so many alterations to even fit me since I’m much shorter than my mom and I’m not as thin as my mom. Tessa also said it would be years before I’d need it so it wasn’t gonna be an issue.

My mom was on the fence about it but Brad was all for it and pulled the dress out of storage and handed it to Tessa. I freaked out and grabbed the dress out of her hands. I told her she wasn’t allowed to wear my mom’s dress and that she can get her own mom’s dress or buy her own but she wasn’t allowed to wear the dress my mom is saving for me.

I locked myself and the dress in my room. all-day my mom has been texting me and coming to the door asking me to come out and talk to her and Brad. Brad has been calling me spoiled and selfish. saying that I’m acting like a huge brat. I just can’t let some stranger wear the only thing of my dad I have left.

I feel bad. Tessa is really upset she’s been crying and texting me asking me to apologize and give her the dress back. I can’t tell if I’m in the wrong. Brad and Tessa think I’m being an a** but my stepbrother and friends agree that I should stand my ground.”

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