Is This Guy Wrong For Refusing To Watch His Roommate’s Child

Kids are not everyone’s bag. That’s obvious, and why people are allowed to choose when and how many and whether they have children of their own.

What happens, though, when someone leaves their child with you even though you have repeatedly told them that you are not interested in babysitting outside of true emergencies?

This guy rents a room in a two bedroom apartment, and the second bedroom has been let to a single mom with a two-year-old daughter.

He made it clear from the start that she could not expect him to have anything to do with caring for the child whatsoever.

Landlord rented out the other room to a mom and her 2 y/o daughter. Wasn’t a big a fan of the idea but I have no input on who gets the room as each room is separate lease.

I quashed the idea very early on that I will watch, feed, or entertain the kid in any way.

She’s asked a few times for me to watch her daughter ‘just for a bit’ and share food that I have ordered but I’ve made it clear it will not happen every time.

When she texted him and said she was having an emergency and needed to leave her daughter overnight, OP tried texting her back to tell her no.

When she didn’t answer, he called the police, reported her for child abandonment, and bounced to a movie.

Yes, before the police arrived to take charge of the child.

She texted me on Saturday while I was playing a game that she had a family emergency and I need to watch the kid overnight. No response to my texts after that.

F**k that so I called the cops and told them the child was abandoned. After that I left and went to a movie with my phone on silent.

Mom is upset, the landlord is involved, and this guy wants to know whether or not he made the right call.

I’m not sure what happened after but she was back when I came home from the movie. She is trying to get the landlord involved now too.


Take a deep breath, because you know Reddit has some thoughts.

No one thinks the mom wasn’t wrong here, but leaving a small child alone is a totally terrible thing to do.

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Everyone except the 2yo totally sucks here.

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Morally, adults cannot leave small children alone. Full stop.

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Such a consensus on AITA is rare, but seems warranted here.

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It’s as simple as that.

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You don’t see too many ESH judgements, honestly, but this one definitely couldn’t go any other way.

I hope this 2yo gets to an age where they can care for themselves before something else terrible and scary happens.

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