Is This Woman Wrong For Cutting Off Her In-Laws Over Her Husband’s Ex?

Marriage and relationships are hard, and when it comes to in-laws, they can sometimes make things even worse.

And while our lives are complicated once we’re together, we also have to remember that everyone had lives before they met their spouses, too.

This man has female friends and a new wife, and with the exception of one of them, everyone seems to be getting along fine.

His mom and sister were a bit annoying about the one girl, though, which grated a bit on OP’s nerves.

My husband (32m) and I (31f) have been together for 7 years and we got married last year before covid.

My husband has a lot of female friends and some of them I’m close to but few years ago he used to have this specific one, girl best friend. He knew her since high school while he met me afterwards in life.

His mom and sister always loved his girl best friend, let’s name her Emma for the post. They always talked about how pretty and gorgeous Emma is. When I started dating my husband, I met his parents after 6 months and his mother and sister would always talk about Emma.

The friend, though, started to really push some boundaries and eventually crossed a line that caused her husband to cut the woman out of their lives.

After the first year of being with my husband I started being closer to mil and sil and they didn’t mention Emma that often.

About Emma. Emma was the kind of friend who needed 100% of my husbands attention. She’d always say jokes as in, it’s not too late for us to get our chance, she’d call my MIL and sil her in laws and how she’s so close to them and I need to work a lot to be as worthy as her in their eyes.

One day, Emma crossed some boundaries and my husband completely cut her off. I didn’t know what happened until after my husband told me. Apparently Emma tried to kiss him and claim that enough of me being her replacement and it’s her time to shine now. And that my husband is meant to be with her. He told her multiple times to cut the bs before but she never listened so he completely cut her off.

Her in-laws were not happy about the friend break-up, and when they went to dinner at their house, things got weird.

My sil and mil started talking a lot about Emma after my husband went nc with her. They always begged my husband to forgive her and how it’s not right to let go of this friendship. My husband told them to stop talking about Emma and how it’s none of their business, since Emma never respected our relationship.

Last night my in laws had invited us over for dinner. During dinner Emma’s name came up again and my SIL jokingly said something along the lines of “I talked to my baby girl Emma last night and she was telling me about some exciting trips she has coming up.

Just so you know OP, I was planning for my brother to date Emma because they looked so good together but then you took him over so I could not fullfil my plans”.

OP and her husband both got upset and ended up leaving the meal, and the family has tried since to backpedal and call the whole thing a joke.

I got upset at that and so did my husband. My husband and I got up and let said we’re not putting up with any of this anymore and that them and Emma deserve each other. My husband told them it’s horrible how they care more about Emma than their own dil and how they brushed off the fact that Emma tried to get us to break up so quickly.

Sil and MIL said it was a joke and how they’re not required to stop talking to Emma because of some silly misunderstanding. They claimed were TA for cutting Emma off and indirectly blamed me for ruining my husbands and Emma’s friendship. They also called us TA for making a scene during dinner and not being civilised. AITA?

Were they wrong to make a scene? Is OP overreacting?

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The whole situation makes us uncomfortable, to be honest.

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Adults apologize. If they don’t, why would you forgive them?

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It’s not ok just because he’s a man.

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OP and her husband need to stick to their guns.

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Yes, something here is definitely not adding up.

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This is totally gross, and I feel badly for their son that this is how they’re treating him and his wife.

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