Is This Guy Wrong for Wanting to Take His Daughter Fishing? People Responded.

A little fishin’ never hurt anyone, right?

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Take a look at this story and see if you think this dad was an a**hole for wanting to take his daughter fishing.


AITA for wanting to take my daughter fishing?

“For over a decade, myself and my four best friends have had an annual fishing trip. There has always been a “no wives, no girlfriends rule” since the beginning, and no one has ever violated it.

Two years ago, my friend “Tim” told the group he wanted to bring his five year old son, to sort of pass the tradition on to the next generation. At that point, only Tim and I had kids, but my daughter was three and two young for fishing. We all supported Tim’s idea and made a big deal over the little guy. He had a great time and came last year as well.

My other friend, “Randy” has a four month old son now. When the baby was born, Tim gave Randy a children’s fishing pole to give to his son on his fifth birthday. So it seemed clear to me that the tradition had evolved to us + our kids, which I’m cool with.

I mentioned to my friends the other day that my daughter was excited for this year’s fishing trip and they looked at me like I was crazy. Tim said I shouldn’t bring her, and I was baffled. I was super supportive of him bringing his son. This is no different. My daughter is now the age Tim’s son was when he first came on the trip.

Another friend brought up the “no wives, no girlfriends” rule, which pissed me off. My five year old daughter isn’t anyone’s wife or girlfriend. I said if they don’t want my daughter there, then I don’t want Tim’s son there. Tim was offended and stormed out. Randy said what I said was uncalled for. I said I’m bringing my daughter and that’s that.

I just want to make sure I’m not being an entitled p**ck. AITA?”

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