Is This Person a Jerk for Not Letting Their Neighbor Hang Stuff on His Fence? People Responded.

I’ve learned in my life that homeowners get really worked up about a lot of stuff.

Two of those things are yards and fences.

And, in case you haven’t been paying attention, it would be in your best interest to NOT mess with either of those things…

And this neighborly dispute over a fence got ugly…let’s check it out.

AITA for building a fence on my property and not allowing my neighbor to hang stuff on it or paint it?

“This will probably be rather short and I am not sure if it’s worth posting, but I really need to get a read on whether I am being an a**hole or not, so here goes.

I bought a house with a big yard several months ago, it is my very first house and the most expensive thing I have ever owned, prior to this I have only ever lived in apartments and the dynamic between neighbors seems really different, which is another reason I am asking.

When I moved here there was a very old rotten wooden fence on the property separation line between me and my new neighbors property, I wanted to replace it from the start however I decided to focus on the house first, you know the usual stuff, fixing up what needed “fixing upping”, Painting, Flooring, moving in the furniture and so on before focusing on the yard.

Now the guy who owned my house before was an old man and because of his age the Yard had not seen much work done for what I assume were several years, so it has been a lot of work fixing up the yard. About a month ago I finally got some time to replace the fence. I went over to the neighbors house, talked about replacing the Fence and if he was going to split the cost with me but he would have nothing of it, he said the fence was fine and he has no issue with no fence so if I want to remove it I should go ahead but he was not giving me a dime to replace it.

It’s worth adding that the previous Fence was completely on my property and purchased completely by the previous owner, the neighbor has no claim on it.

While I was a bit weirded out by his response I decided to just finance the fence myself and install it myself, being quite a few bucks and a lot of hard work lighter I am now the proud owner of a nice, tall, wooden fence. I need to point out just to make this clear, I paid for it entirely, I put it up by myself, I removed the old fence on my own and the fence is entirely on my side of the property line.

I came home from work a few days ago to find my fence on the neighbors side entirely filled with plant pots, the border also filled in with all sorts of plants and he had painted it.

I went over to my neighbor and demanded he take all of it down alongside demanding he’d get his sand grinder and take the paint of off my fence as well, after all you don’t want to pay for it, you don’t get to paint it or hang s**t on it or for that matter plant stuff in my yard(As I said the fence is entirely on my property, so the border of his yard where he planted stuff is also mine).

He laughed at me and essentially told me to get f**ked. Well I went back there, tossed all his c**p off off my fence, pulled all of his plants out and tossed them in his yard and painted the side towards his fence an obnoxious bright yellow.

I have since had him raging at my door, his kids came over to yell at me as they had worked for hours on it and well, here we are, I am wondering whether I am the a**hole as I might have gone too far.”

You know the drill…

Now let’s check out how readers responded!

This person said that this man is not a jerk because it’s his property AND he paid for it.

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Another Reddit user said the neighbor could actually be charged with a number of crimes for their behavior.

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This individual said that the man shouldn’t let this stand and that he needs to take care of it ASAP.

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Lastly, this reader said they don’t think the guy who wrote the post is an a**hole but he probably could handle the situation in a different way.

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