This Person Told Their Friend to Leave and Never Come Back Again. Were They Wrong?

Get out and never come back!

Nobody ever wants to hear that, right?

But that’s what this person felt they had to do to a friend who was not respecting their boundaries.

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AITA for telling my friend to leave over my weird obsession and to never come back again?

“I’ve been thinking about posting this for a while but I’ve held off.

Around 2 weeks ago, I invited a few friends over to my house to chill and hang out. Now, in my friend group, a lot of them think that I’m weird because I collect things; but for me, it’s an investment. I have a specific room where I have tons of old video games, dolls, baseball/football cards, and antiques, that easily total over 100k; and since prices keep rising, I keep collecting things I know will be valuable later on.

I have this really cherished antique that I, in all my trading, both buying and selling, have never even considered anything to do with it; an incredibly old Springfield 1861 musket, bayonet included. It was passed down from generations ago, and I still have it.

One of my friends asked me what “valuable junk” I have, and I decided to turn up my ego and told him that I had a genuine 1861 Springfield rifle. None of them believed me, so I told them that I would go up, take a picture, and bring it back down.

The guy who asked said that wasn’t enough, and that it could’ve been faked, and then thought it was his personal right to practically run to my room without my permission.

We all practically chased after him to stop him, and right as he entered the room he tripped over a bunch of baseball cards and smashed 3 pots that totalled around 6 grand. I told him to leave immediately and that I didn’t want to talk to him again, and that I was going to press charges. I still hold it against my friend for getting into the place when I told him no.

A lot of other friends are saying that I was way too harsh with it, that it was an accident. I then told them that it was his fault for entering when I specifically told him not to, and that those items were worth a lot to me, sentimentally as well, since I’d had them for over 10 years. They’ve been telling me I need to stop the legal action.


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