Mom Won’t Let Her Daughter Read Above Her Age Group. Is She a Jerk?

Parents try to put a lot of restrictions on kids and each mom or dad out there is free to raise their kids the best way they see fit.

But this one strikes me as kind of weird…if I’m being totally honest.

Check out this story about a mom who wants to know if she’s being an a**hole for not letting her daughter read above her age group…and also check out the responses below.

AITA for only buying my daughter books that are close to her reading level?

“My daughter Rose (9) is a very advanced reader. She’s in 3rd grade (8-9 year olds) but reads at a 9th grade (14-15 years old) level.

Despite her advanced reading level, the only books she wants to read are the I Survived series and the A-Z mysteries. Both of these books are far below her reading level so I told her it’s fine if she wants to read them in school but at home she has to read things closer to her level.

I’ve taken her to bookstores and we’ve looked through the young adult section but she refuses to read any of the books. She says they’re all boring and gross. She always asks to get books from the children’s section but I’ve said no because they’re too easy for her.

Rose has started sneaking books home from school and when I started taking those away, she stopped reading in general. Now Rose has pulled away from me and her teacher is recommending that I let her read whatever she wants.

Rose’s dad (my ex) found out about this and tore into me for not letting Rose read books for kids her age and offered to send her books but that’s not the problem. I don’t have a problem with Rose reading but if she’s going to read, she should read something close to her level.

Now everyone’s mad at me so I wanted to know if I was the a**hole?”

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This person said that they could relate to the woman’s daughter because they were also an advanced reader.

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Another Reddit user said that a lot of Young Adult books are inappropriate for a girl her age and she should be able to read whatever she wants that is age-appropriate.

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This person said that the mom here is actually the a**hole and that she should read whatever she wants…at home.

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Lastly, this woman had a similar situation when she was growing up and they implored this mother to just be able to read what she wants.

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