Man Told His Neighbor Off After an Argument. Was He Wrong?

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AITA For telling my neighbor to get f**ked when he told me to remove my doorbell camera?

“So lately, there have been a number of burglaries in the area I live in.

My wife and I were among those who got burglarized and most of the stuff we lost were packages and electronics. My wife and I both work long hours so we’re not home most of the time and despite taking precautions, we still are concerned for the safety of our belongings as well as other things.

So I decided to get a doorbell camera which frankly has become a necessity and it’s cheap to buy ($199) and easy to install. And so far we were able to catch a number of thieves in act (to my surprise some of them I knew personally and were from the area) which helped lot in getting our stuff back.

Onto the issue: So my neighbor and I were discussing this with few other neighbors and I showed him a video that was taking by the camera to explain how we were able to identify the individuals who tried to steal stuff. I was fastforward-ing the footage but He suddenly freaked out and pointed at his wife who was at the door to visit my wife.

I was confused when he asked how long I been keeping this video/and if I made copies of it. He then proceeded to tell me it did not feel right to see his wife being recorded by the doorbell cam and the fact that I didn’t get rid of this part since it had nothing to do with catching the thieves made him uncomfortable.

I apologized for any misunderstanding and promised that it had nothing to do with his wife we had few people stand at our door who were shown on our cam so I wasn’t just his wife. He cut the conversation and left. Then came back in the evening to ask for how long I will be keeping this camera. I asked why and he said he wasn’t sure about his wife being recorded and asked me to remove it.

I said no then he suggested I install one inside but I still said no. He got all p**sed and said that I was acting inappropriately and mean after he came to me with his concerns expecting me to understand that he doesn’t want me having ‘footages’ of his wife. I told him his wife can stop coming over if he was so worried but he went on about never telling his wife what to do or where to go.

He insisted I remove the cam but I told him to get F-ed and never bring this up again. He left and got others involved, they told me I should be more considerate of my neighbor’s feelings and understand where he’s coming from but I stood my ground and refused to remove the camera.

My wife thinks I was being a jerk to our neighbor and his wife and have some respect for them but I don’t think I was being disrespectful. Was I?”

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