Is This Person Wrong for Not Baking Gluten Free For Co-worker’s Birthday? People Responded.

Enough with the gluten-free drama!

Actually, I shouldn’t say that…I have friends and family members who have Celiac disease and can’t have gluten, but still…

A lot of people love to keep bringing it up and making a big deal about it…

And here we go again!

Check out this story and see if you think this person was wrong for refusing to bake for a co-worker’s birthday.

AITA for refusing to bake for my gluten free coworker’s birthday?

“I’m the resident baker in my office. Typically I will bake something for every team members birthday.

There are 11 of us but some birthdays are close together so I bake probably every month or two for the office between birthdays and treats that I just feel like baking. I bake everything from scratch and I’m somewhat particular about my ingredients so not to toot my own horn too much, but I’m a decent baker.

I usually ask people what flavors they like and just kinda run with it and bake what I feel like making. I do this all out of my own salary, the company doesn’t pay me to do it, and I’ll be honest, I don’t make a lot of money. But I really love baking and there’s truly no greater joy for me than seeing someone bite into one of my cupcakes and tell me how good it is, lol.

My new coworker, Samantha (Sam) has a birthday coming up. Sam is gluten free. I do not bake gluten free for a few reasons: the main one is cost, gluten free flours are much more expensive than AP flour, putting them out of my budget. But also, I use gluten in my kitchen so I cannot guarantee no cross contamination. Lastly, I’m just not familiar with baking gluten free, and I don’t have tried and true recipes that are gluten free, the way I do for wheat flour.

Sam asked me what I was baking for her birthday and I was honest that I wasn’t planning on baking anything specific for it. She asked me why and I told her my reasons and she threw a fit.

She went off on me telling me she knew I didn’t like her, and I’m jealous of her because she’s young and cute (I’m not young anymore but I think I’m pretty d**n cute!!) I tried to explain to her that it wasn’t about her as a person, but she said I was making excuses to exclude her.

Now she’s telling everyone in the office I’m discriminating against her for her health needs, and two people have told me I’m being cruel to the new girl.”

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