She Wouldn’t Give Up Her Seat for a Friend. Is She a Jerk?

I had a friend in college who thought he could sit next to me and cheat off me on tests for some reason.

I put an end to that immediately but the nerve of that guy really p**sed me off!

And this story from Reddit’s “Am I the A**hole?” page reminded me of that incredibly annoying person…

Take a look…

AITA for not giving up my seat for my friend?

“I (16F) just sat for my physics final this morning.

I get there around 20 minutes before it starts, and I find a pretty good seat that’s not way up front but also not in the back (we don’t have an exam hall, we just pass in the classrooms) so the teacher can’t really see me well. I usually sit in this spot because I tend to stress alot if I’m way up front, but in the back the teacher’s always peering over my shoulder.

My friend, let’s call her Riley(16F) comes in 5 minutes before the teacher comes over and she is in DISTRESS. Apparently she forgot to revise an entire chapter and only found out when she got to school. She’s hysterically crying about how she’s gonna fail and all. Me and a couple friends comfort her, trying to reassure her that she’ll be fine.

She takes one look at the classroom, sees where I’m sat and practically demands me to switch seats with her so she can pull out her little cheat sheet (we are not allowed those at all)and at least try to make up for it. The spot she was supposed to sit in? Right in front of the teacher’s desk. I immediately said no and just told her to hope for the best, but I am not going to risk making stupid mistakes for her to cheat when she was too busy partying to revise for the test.

She tried to just sit in my seat until I gave up, but I just wouldn’t let it happen. The exam ended up being all about that one chapter. After the exam, I was waiting for my bus when she, her twin brother and her best friend walked up to me.

She screamed at me at how she’s going to fail because she didn’t even finish all the questions, and if I wasn’t selfish and too scared of ruining my perfect streak of grades in physics she might have done well. Most of my classmates think I should have given her up my seat, but the ones closest to me say otherwise.


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