Is This Teen Wrong for Fighting With Her Parents About Having Her Own Bedroom? People Responded.

There comes a time when every kid wants their own bedroom.

I mean, remember that episode of The Brady Bunch when Greg was over his brothers and wanted his own room?

Of course, you do!

And it sounds like this teenage girl has a bit of Greg Brady in her…

Check out her story and see if you think she’s wrong for fighting with her parents about wanting her own bedroom.

AITA for fighting with my parents about having my own bedroom?

“Me (14F), my twin sister “Kate” and out parents (40s) live in a four bedroom house.

My parents have the master, the 2nd room is a guest room, dad uses the 3rd room as an office and my sister and I share the other room. The three regular bedrooms are small. Dad works from home two days a week and we have guests maybe 10 days a year.

I’m very outgoing, I like having people over, and Kate’s an introvert who wants to watch her old tv shows and talk to her friends on discord. She likes order and I like puting my clothes on the chair without being yelled at. We’ve been asking to have our own rooms since we were 9, and my parents are refusing to move us because “we don’t have enough space for everybody’s needs”.

Quarantine was awful, Kate and I fought all the time and our parents yelled at her when she moved her stuff to the guest room because mom has her craft stuff in the closet and “what if grandma had to stay with us for a while?” I love my sister but this is making me like her less and sometimes I think she barely tolerates me because we’re always in each other’s space.

We barely fit in here anymore, the closet is too small for our clothes, Kate’s books are in stacks on the floor, I can’t listen to music in peace, and my friends ask why are we sleeping in bunkbeds in a FOUR bedroom house.

Yesterday I was looking for my hair curler and caused a book avalanche that knocked the USS Enterprise-whatever off the desk, Kate was screaming, I was screaming, and she asked for the thousandth time to combine the guestroom & office so she can take the other room.

Dad said he absolutely needs an office, I said I absolutely need a closet and it doesn’t make sense to have all this space and put both his kids in a single room. Mom said we’re not entitled to a bedroom each and there are millions of children who share a room and if we wanted more space we should get rid of some stuff and stop living like hoarders.

Like, we’re sorry for being two separate people with two people’s worth of belongings that you bought for us. I asked who is entitled to a room that’s empty 346 days per year or an office that’s used twice a week and why I’m the unreasonable one for wanting some space.

After that we were yelling in circles and Kate took her laptop and locked herself in the guestroom. Dad asked what does she think she’s doing and she said “googling nursing homes with bunk beds”, which helped not at all.

So, are we the a**holes? Today my aunt and grandma visited and called us ungrateful for everything we have and were disappointed in us. I don’t believe I’m an a** because I just asking to use the space we already have but at the end of the day it’s my parents house, not mine.

Kate and I wouldn’t be angry if we lived in a two bedroom house but four bedrooms? One room just sitting there, being a waste of sq.ft and taxes? And we have to share?”

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