She Told Her Daughter She Needs to Get a Job or Go to School Even Though She Has a Child. Is She Wrong?

Either get a job or go to school.

You and I both know that parents all across the land have been saying that to their kids for years and years.

But is this mom an a**hole for saying this to her young daughter who also has a young child?

Let’s see what the heck is going on here

AITA for telling my 18 yo daughter she needs to get a job or go to college, even though she has a toddler?

“I have two daughters, April [f18] and Jade [f15].

I’m a single mom, April and Jade’s dad and I got divorced around 13 years ago as he was having an affair. He’s never been in the picture for either of our girls after that.

When April was 16, she unexpectedly got pregnant. I took her to counseling to help her organize her thoughts and figure out what she wanted to do, and April decided she wanted to keep the baby.

The pregnancy and birth went smoothly and I now have a grandson Ollie [m2]. The father is involved but he and April are no longer together. Ollie stays with his dad every weekend, and the dad’s parents give April money to go towards Ollie’s expenses.

Earlier this year, April graduated high school. She’s been taking care of Ollie during the week but other than that she hasn’t been up to much. She keeps saying she’ll start looking for a job but hasn’t even started writing her resume.

Besides taking care of Ollie, she just sits at home watching TV. On multiple occasions, April has tried to leave Ollie with Jade so that she can go out partying which has to lead to huge arguments.

Last week, I talked to April and I told her that she needs to get a job or go to our local community college, and that I’ll foot the bill for any childcare she needs for it to happen. I told her she needs to get a job or go to college in order to stay here.

April got upset and said that she doesn’t want a job or to go to college, she said she just wants to be a mom. She told me it can wait until Ollie starts school. I told her no and that she needs to start something so that she can support herself and be an independent adult.

April said I’m being unreasonable and that these things can wait until Ollie is in school full-time. She said that I’m asking her to “damage” him and that he needs his mom.

It’s not that I don’t want April and Ollie here, I love them both, I just think I’d be setting a bad precedent by allowing April to continue to stay with me with no job and no education in the making.”

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