Woman Asks if She’s Wrong for Not Waking up Her Husband for a Flight and Causing Him to Miss Christmas With His Family

Oops…I guess you won’t be spending Christmas with your family this year…

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But did this woman act like a jerk for not waking up her husband for his flight?

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AITA for not waking my husband up and causing him to miss his flight to attend Christmas with his family?

“My husband (33) “Al” is the only son in his family. He’s spoiled AF by his mom and 3 sisters. The way I see it they’re treat him like royals, call him “heir”, gift him expensive stuff. Prince level treatment.

I didn’t have an issue with it at first since they consider it “showing love and appreciation”. But I used to get into a lot of arguments with his mom and sisters about not making efforts to treat him the way they treat him. Basically they claim I’m not showing “the same level of respect” they show him and because of that I got disinvited from lots of events including Christmas.

Al’s stance is to stay out of it and when I complained about his family disinviting me from Christmas, he said he couldn’ot force them to have guests they didn’t want.

On the morning of his flight he slept in and didn’t wake up on time. He woke up freaking out and yelling about me being petty and not waking him up before his flight after he asked me to. The reason I didn’t wake him up was because I myself was asleep to.

Why would I wake up early just to wake him up? His phone was away since he h**es sleeping nearby electronics. He left in a rush and tried to get on another flight but failed due to airports being packed. As a result he missed Christmas celebration with family.

His mom and sisters are p**sed claiming I did this to get back at them and to isolate him from them. Al thinks I acted petty and vicious when I could’ve woke him up to go be with his family. He’s still mad and is claiming that I ruined the holidays for him.”

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