Woman Asks if She’s a Jerk for Going to Get Ice Cream Instead of Going Home After Her Flight Landed

Have you ever returned from a trip and just really didn’t feel like going home?

Maybe it was because you didn’t want to face the person or people at home?

A lot of folks have had that feeling before…

And this woman wants to know if she was a jerk for not going straight home after a trip.

Read her story below and let us know if you think she acted like an a**hole.

AITA for going to get ice cream instead of going home after my flight landed?

“I hadn’t seen my husband in a month as I was staying with my sister. He promised he would pick me up from the airport and we would spend time together but he sent his brother instead.

I was upset even though my brother-in-law told me something came up which is why he was there instead. I asked him if we could go and get ice cream before we went home. He didn’t seem to want to go but I suggested I take an uber if he had plans so he agreed and we went and got ice cream. The entire time we were there he was on his phone and it felt like he was trying to rush me.

When I finally got home my husband was there and annoyed. He wanted to know why I hadn’t come home immediately and said he had cleared his schedule for the evening so we could spend time together like I had asked.

I told him I assumed he was busy since he didn’t come to the airport but he’s still upset with me and with his brother for taking me to get ice cream.


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