Is This Woman Wrong Because She Can’t Let Go of the Past? People Responded.

Sometimes, you just can’t let go of the past…

I’ve been there and I’m sure that you have, too.

But this kind of attitude can lead to some problems if you can’t give it up.

Let’s take a look at a story from the “Am I The A**hole?” page from Reddit that involves not being able to let go of the past.

AITA for not letting go of the past?

“I (23f) grew up in a smallish town. I was bull**d badly by a boy, Brad (from age 12-14)who was a couple of grades above me in secondary school, he made my life miserable.

My older brother shielded me from some of it but when he graduated, Brad showed me hell. He had just come out as gay and I think all of his personality revolved around his s**uality at that time. I learned later that he h**ed my family because i was raised catholic which meant automatically we were a bunch of homophobes.

His father disowned him and his dad was a catholic, so while I understood his anger, I didn’t do anything to him personally but he made my life miserable anyway. I only enjoyed school after himself and his clique graduated. I tried to report him but nothing really came out of it. I had to suck it up as the school was the best in the area at that time and I wasn’t going to let him win anyway.

Fast forward to a few years and I’m in Uni in a city a couple of hours away from home and i find out Brad is in the same department and discipline as me, at this point i was certain the universe was against me. I know he was just as shocked when he saw me but I pretended he doesn’t exist for my own peace of mind. He never acknowledged my existence either neither did he apologize.

My maternal cousin Kenzie is my roommate (we’re in the same uni)and we’ve always been in touch, spending holidays and vacations together growing up,she’s known about Brad since forever as he was a household name in my nuclear family.

Last weekend, we went to my cousin’s family house for Sunday dinner and Kenzie’s big brother brought his partner to meet the fam and surprise surprise, Brad walks in with flowers. I asked him what the hell he was doing here and my aunt demands to know why i was being so rude.

I told kenzie that that was brad, grabbed my phone and took a walk. Apparently, kenzie filled everyone in and Brad was kicked out and broken up with. (kenzie’s brother Was bull**d severely so they take bul**ing very seriously)

Brad and some of his friends have taken to sending me countless messages on fb and ig calling me a b**ch that can’t move on from the past. He said i ruined his life.


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