Is This Woman Wrong for Telling Her Niece Her Career Choice Isn’t Well Respected? People Responded.

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AITA for telling my niece that her choice of career isn’t well respected?

“My (45F) niece (18F) just graduated from high school, and of course, me and the rest of her family are very proud. Moreover, she got into a pretty good school so we’re pretty excited about that as well.

Me, her mom (my sister), my brother in law, and my niece and nephew went out to lunch today. I asked my niece what she was thinking about majoring in, or if there were any programs she had already been accepted to. She told me that she got into the school for graphic design. I was a little surprised because she’s obviously a smart girl so I thought she would choose something more efficient and productive.

I asked her if she has already made up her mind on graphic design. I’m pretty sure the money isn’t that great in that field. She told me of course she has, and asked me why. I told her that I was just expecting for her to choose a more well respected career. She told me that graphic designers are well respected.

I told her that they might be a little respected, but not as much as other careers, like engineering, computer science, or the medical field, which I was convinced that she was going to go into, since she’s very bright. I’m a nurse, so that also plays a part into it, that a fellow family member would go into a highly respected career like mine.

She got really upset with me, saying that I was insulting her choices. I replied that I wasn’t insulting her, I was just saying that graphic designers aren’t as well respected as other fields, and that was just the unfortunate truth. She cussed me out saying that she didn’t “want to be a damn nurse” and walked off. My sister got upset with me calling me dumb, and she and BIL left.

Again, my niece is very smart, I just wanted to let her know about her options, and be realistic about it. AITA?”

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