Is Woman Wrong for Wanting to Use College Fund for Law School Instead of Giving It to Stepbrother?

Family finances can lead to some serious complications…especially when you’re talking about big bucks and going to school.

And this young woman asked the readers on Reddit’s “Am I the A**hole?” page if she’s wrong for wanting to use her college fund to go to law school…instead of giving it to her stepbrother.

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AITA for wanting to use my college fund for law school rather than on my stepbrother?

“I (18F) am about to go to college.

I have a full ride to my state university, which I chose over paying in full at a much more prestigious school because I plan on going to a prestigious (and expensive) law school. My parent’s income is too high to qualify me for any financial aid.

I have a college fund of about $100k, my stepbrother has one of about $70k (19M) (mine is half from my mom, half from my dad, his is from my dad, his mom, and the inheritance from his deceased father).

My stepbrother is attending a very expensive out of state university and has nearly blown through his fund. He is now very stressed about having to take out loans, since he is not going into a high-income field.

He and my stepmother are urging me to give him my college fund, or at least some of it, so he can avoid taking out as many loans. Their reasoning is that then we’d have an “equal” start of undergrad, that the fund was intended for undergrad only, that I’d have a higher paying job so I’m more able to pay back loans, and that my mom was more capable of supporting me since she has a higher income than my dad’s household and my stepbrother’s father is d**d.

My dad is neutral, and told me to choose but that “family is more important than money”. My mom supports putting it towards law school and thinks it’s the smartest choice.”

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One reader said she’s NTA and that her stepbrother and stepmother are entitled as hell.

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Another individual said she’s NTA and that her stepbrother isn’t entitled to any of this money

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