It’s Not Just You – Advent Calendar Chocolate Really Does Taste Different

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Christmas and the holidays are often a time of sweet treats and nostalgia. For some people, this means buying chocolate-filled advent calendars.

Now, you could totally celebrate Christmas and other holidays with any chocolate, if you wanted. So why does advent calendar chocolate taste so special, then?

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

The little pieces of chocolate often contain round edges, may have a design on top, and often melts quickly in your mouth. But does that really change flavor?

Advent calendar chocolate is meant to be savored because each piece represents one day. So a major factor that makes advent chocolate special is that you’re paying close attention to what you’re eating.

Various chocolate makers specialize in advent calendars, so if you buy a chocolate advent calendar from a well-known chocolatier, such as Lindt or Ghirardelli, then the chocolate will taste the same as some of their other products.

And of course, chocolate advent calendars can be pricey. If you buy a cheaper calendar, you may end up with something called compound chocolate.


True chocolate comes from the cocoa plant and must meet certain standards. If it doesn’t, it must be called compound coating, or compound chocolate. It may contain cocoa powder, sugar, lecithin, or ingredients such as coconut oil.

And if you’re not used to the taste of more generic brands of chocolate, then that’s another reason why your particular advent calendar chocolate may taste different from usual.

So there you go!

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