It’s Time to Flee the US for These 10 Countries Where You Can Live for Under $1000 a Month

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Anyone else constantly distracted from work by daydreams about fleeing the country?!

… Wait, what was I saying?

Right, okay, so it turns out that it is very possible to move to another country and live more cheaply, while probably also experiencing less stress and boredom. Thrillist listed 10 countries where you can live for under $1000 per month, including housing and food, plus entertainment. I can already feel my stress melting away.

Several of the countries on the list are in Asia, but there are countries all over the world: Africa, Europe, South America, and the Caribbean.

Right, so let’s start with Asia. Laos, Vietnam, Nepal, and India are all countries where you can live a comfortable lifestyle for under $1000 a month. All of these countries offer amazing food options and endless options for ~adventure~.

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On the border of Europe and Asia, we have both Georgia and Armenia. Armenia is apparently known for its smart people and sunshine, while next-door neighbor Georgia is clean and safe, with a rambunctious nightlife.

In Africa, we have Zimbabwe, an unbelievably gorgeous place that uses US dollars and is “Africa’s adrenaline capital.”

In the Caribbean, there’s Grenada, a small island that is often confused with Guyana but is NOT the same. If you want to achieve a whole new level of relaxation, this is the place.

Grenada, West Indies
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Also on the list is Bolivia in South America. The visa is $160, but everything else is mega cheap. Tiny bonus: You can walk an alpaca on a leash for free???

Lastly, there’s Montenegro in Eastern Europe. It’s a tiny country with beautiful beaches and mountains. Need I say more?

Time to go do A LOT more daydreaming.