Japan Is So Damn Crowded Their Train Stations Need “Pushers” to Get Everyone on Board

Image Credit: Pixabay

And you thought your commute was crowded and awful. Whatever your rush hour or push-and-shove subway or bus situation is like, I promise it has nothing on the morning commute in Tokyo, Japan.

Because there, they have station employees in white gloves – dubbed oshiya, which literally means “pushers” – whose job it is to help jam as much humanity as possible onto the train before it leaves the station.

Check out the video below, where one oshiya isn’t enough…and neither is two.

My favorite part is the guy who walks away in the middle like nah. I’ll just be late and bring doughnuts it’s fine.

Take heart, though – the midday and evening train runs aren’t nearly as crowded, and the trains that run in the Japanese countryside experience nowhere near the capacity needed to make an oshiya necessary.

Still. If you’ve got claustrophobia, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that maybe working in Japan isn’t going to work as a relocation option.


h/t: Rocket News

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