Japanese Artist Turns Everyday Objects Into Creative 3D Creations

Photo Credit: YouTube

While many people pat themselves on the back simply for putting things into the recycling bin, one Japanese artist is taking the idea of “recycling” to a whole new level.

Haruki, or @02ESyRaez4VhR2l on Twitter, is an expert at the Japanese art of kirigami. Kirigami is similar to its more well-known cousin, origami. But while origami only involves folding paper into creative shapes, kirigami also involves cutting the paper.

Haruki’s kirigami creations are extra-impressive because he uses the packaging from everyday objects, rather than just regular paper.

He used the box from a Starbucks coffee pod to create a dragon. He even turned the Starbucks mermaid from the logo into a dragon-tamer.

And he turned the packaging from five Pringles cans into five men in suits with Pringles logo faces.

Haruki also turned a couple of Cup Noodle cartons into a full astronaut. Look at the amount of detail in this little guy!

Some of his creations are simple, while others are larger and more elaborate. Once, he made a whole miniature village, complete with storefronts and staircases and people. It required 16 boxes of Charlotte’s chocolates.

Haruki uses packaging from Japan, of course. But you could easily (well, maybe not so easily) use his techniques to make your own unique creations using whatever old packaging you have in your own home.

If you want to get in on kirigami, Haruki uploads step-by-step videos to his YouTube channel and Twitter account to help you along.

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