Jerry From Netflix’s ‘Cheer’ Inspires People on Their Way Into Work

Photo Credit: iStock

There are so many delightful things about Netflix’s cheerleading docuseries Cheer — the badass lead coach, the impressive flips, and the touching stories. The series gave people a window into the unique intricacies of the cheerleading world, including one phenomenon called “mat talk.”

“Mat-talk” is the practice of hyping up fellow cheerleaders from the side of the mat. “Making mat” is basically the whole goal of being on the team, because it means you get to perform and compete rather than being on the sidelines. If you’re not “on mat,” it’s your job to encourage those who are.

One cast member of Cheer was the absolute best at mat talk: Jerry.


Jerry stole the audience’s hearts with his passionate shouts of “YASS” and “you got it.” He’s so popular that he even got to interview celebs at the 2020 Oscars as a correspondent for The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Frankly, anyone would be lucky to have someone like Jerry cheering them on. For a few lucky folks, that dream came true.

Netflix released a clip of Jerry mat talking people on the way into work at an office building. The video is amazing.

“I love your shoes! I love your hair! Your jewelry looks amazing!” Jerry shouts as people walk past him into the building. “Welcome to work! Have a great day ya’ll! YASSS! You are about to kill it!”

He received many high fives and countless smiles and hugs.

BRB, bookmarking this video to replay every single morning.