People Are Arguing On Which Direction This Person On A Swing Is Facing [VIDEO]

Photo Credit: Twitter

The dress that was different colors for different people. The shoes that were pink or teal, depending on who was looking at them. The voice that was saying Laurel…or was it Yanny?

The internet has had its fair share of viral illusions that whipped people into a frenzy of side-taking.

And here’s the latest: which direction is this person on a swing facing?

The perception puzzle comes to us from Ana, aka Twitter user @esnycuddles, who posted a video of a kid swinging against a snowy landscape – but is he swinging toward the camera, or toward the building?


People on both sides are just absolutely freaking out, as you can see.

There are even diagrams involved.


Me? I say he’s definitely swinging toward the camera, because of the angle of the swingset. I do see both ways, though.


But the people who say he/she is swinging away are wrong.

Sorry not sorry.

What do you think? Do you want to argue with me? Sound off in the comments!