Just 15 Little Known Facts That Might Surprise You

Photo Credit: Pixabay

I don’t know about you, but I love little tidbits of knowledge that are interesting but obscure. And not just because it’s fun to whip them out at parties, either – just for the mere satisfaction of it.

These 15 people are sharing their favorites, and I’m 100% in.

#15. Closer in time.

“That Gone with the Wind was filmed closer in time to the Civil War than to today.”

#14. Huh.

“Bees testicle explodes after sex.”

#13. I think about it a lot.

“Two guide dogs named Salty and Roselle were with their owners in the twin towers on floor 78 as the attack commenced (9/11). The dogs guided their blind owners to safety. This isn’t mindblowing but I think about it a lot.”

#12. Obviously this is painful.

“Cats penises are barbed. Obviously this is painful but also necessary as the pain induces ovulation which happens about 30 hrs later. No pain, no ovulation. The barbs also act as a scraper to remove rival semen. It’s not very effective though so a litter can have multiple fathers.”

#11. In his natural register.

“Freddie Mercury was a baritone. He just never sang in his natural register because he was afraid nobody would recognize him. But there are definitely recordings of him speaking and singing, and he’s definitely a baritone – All of his popular stuff just happened to be in his falsetto singing voice.”

#10. A fence in Australia.

“There is a fence in Australia that is longer than the distance from New York to London.”

#9. The Ancient Greeks.

“Spiked and studded dog collars derive from the days of the Ancient Greeks.

The Greeks gave their sheepdogs sharply spiked collars to protect their necks from wolves as they guarded a shepherd’s flock of sheep by night.”

#8. Very special mud.

“So baseball has a special rubbing mud. Since about the 1940s, every baseball used in a major league game has been rubbed with a special mud that comes from a secret location in New Jersey.

New baseballs have a sheen on the leather which makes it difficult for a pitcher to grip the ball. So they had to find something that could reduce the sheen without altering the color or damaging the leather. The answer was the super secret New Jersey mud that’s still in use today. One guy owns the very small company that sells the mud and knows of the super secret location.”

#7. A Catholic priest.

“Did you know that the Big Bang (the actual Big Bang, not the sitcom) was thought up by a Catholic Priest?”

#6. Always a Saturday.

“The BEst before date on crisps in the U.K. is always a Saturday.”

#5. The same tortoise.

“Steve Irwin and Charles Darwin owned the same tortoise.”

#4. The most fatal.

“Eating disorders are the most fatal mental illness(es) – anorexia topping the list, then bulimia, then various OSFED/EDNOS. Even more fatal than major depression, schizophrenia, and bipolar. ~20% die due to intentional suicide, the rest due to heart failure and other physical complications.”

#3. Farther West.

“Reno, Nevada is farther West than Los Angeles.”

#2. Never visited.

“George Everest never visited Mount Everest. Yet the mountain is named after him. Also he pronounced his name eve-rest.

So we have the highest mountains named after a guy who never saw it and the name is pronounced wrong.”

#1. A well-known astrophysicist.

“The guitarist for Queen is also a well known astrophysicist.”

I feel smarter now, don’t you?