Just 16 Funny Tweets You Need in Your Life

There’s a lot of great content on Twitter, and there’s also a lot of content you could spend hours scrolling through in order to get to the good stuff.

We’re doing the heavy lifting for you, sifting through the dirt and mining the gems like these 16, which we don’t think you’ll want to miss.

16. I’m “I’ve tweaked my back doing nothing” years old.

And it happens regularly.

15. That dog’s face is just priceless.

And the caption is spot on.

14. It’s a whole mood.

And this description is pretty much everything.

13. Yeah, that’s probably what your date means.

Don’t take her to a game; you’ll be disappointed.

12. I mean you don’t want to smother him.

You’ve gotta let him know you have some self respect.

11. It’s a brave new world.

I hope your little peanut is keeping up.

10. That’s not how any of this works.

I mean, not if you believe in science and staying alive.

9. I’ve never seen a better application.

Give this woman her award.

8. Why is this so hilarious?

I cannot stop giggling.

7. Hahahahaha.

She’s not joking, though.

6. All of that wasted anxiety.

This is awkward.

5. Is there anything easier to copy?

8th grade me says no.

4. Oof. Felt that.

I hear it never goes away, so that’s fun.

3. If you’re into dark humor, I mean.

You won’t find more skilled unintentional comedians.

2. If you know, you know.

And you probably have some form of brain damage.

1. It is what it is.

This is where we are now.

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling lighter for laughing!

Which of these was your favorite? Tell us in the comments!