Kids Can Take Geography Lessons at Home From British TV Legend David Attenborough

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Children around the world—and even some adults—have had to adapt their educational experience due to the coronavirus pandemic. Instead of going to school every day to learn from a teacher face-to-face, students have been forced to rely on technology to try and continue their schooling.

Of course, that’s put a lot of pressure on parents to ensure their children are staying on task with their coursework. Teachers have had to adjust their own methods, especially considering they have to deliver information from a virtual platform rather than in a classroom. But new challenges bring about new opportunities, and that’s exactly what’s happened with a number of celebrities doubling down as virtual teachers.

One of those new teachers is Sir David Attenborough. The legendary British TV star will begin giving online lessons teaching schoolchildren about oceans, maps and animals. The broadcasting star is far from the only celebrity making his or her way into the educational world.

BBC is rolling out Bitesize Daily, which will feature lessons from more than 200 teachers, including a ton of notable celebrities. Among the group are Manchester City soccer star Sergio Aguero, who will be teaching students how to count in Spanish. Danny Dyer will teach history, and pop stars Liam Payne and Mabel will teach music and reading to secondary school students.

The daily lessons will take place at 9 a.m. BST on BBC Player and BBC Red Button.

Alice Webb, who works as the director of BBC Children’s and Education, said, “We’re proud that the BBC can bring together so many people to offer such a wide-ranging package of support to help children and parents right across the UK at such a challenging time.”

With star power, maybe attendance won’t be such an issue.

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