Teachers and Students Can Enjoy Free Ken Burns Documentaries Courtesy of PBS

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Ken Burns has built a reputation as one of the best documentary filmmakers of his generation. The Emmy Award winner has told fascinating tales in detailed fashion about a number of topics, including baseball and American history.

For documentary addicts like myself, a Ken Burns production will surely leave you feeling much more informed.

Burns is about to gain some more fans (and viewers) courtesy of PBS LearningMedia. They are making Burns’s informative educational documentaries available to students and teachers across America via the “Ken Burns in the Classroom” series. A number of docuseries are already available on the platform, including Jazz, The Roosevelts and College Behind Bars.

The famous filmmaker released a statement on the new offering, which should be a welcomed addition for students and teachers desperate for new content during this strange educational time.

Ken Burns said,

“We have heard loud and clear that teachers are in need of full films to better engage students and to align with their teaching during this period of distance learning.

We have worked closely with PBS to clear rights and package these films so they can be streamed and made accessible.”

Beyond the full-length film adaptions, the digital hub will also contain video clips from his other projects. Teachers will be able to share materials and lesson plans through Google Classroom.

In addition, Burns has set up his own PBS-supported page for additional resources. Named “Unum,” the page will feature additional video clips and supplemental materials divided into specific categories. Whether you’re a student, teacher or just another person seeking some additional knowledge, PBS LearningMedia has given the world a huge gift by making Ken Burns’s documentaries available for free.

Do you enjoy watching documentaries? What was your favorite one?

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