Lady Gaga’s Fundraiser Gave Us a Good Look at Celebrities and Their Quarters

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Lady Gaga is quite the altruistic person. She’s supported numerous causes and did her part to help raise money for efforts to fight COVID19 by hosting the One World stay-at-home concert with her celebrity friends.

On top of raising a cool $128 million, we got to see how some of our favorite entertainers live. Social distancing means that celebrities had to change their usual setup for something a bit more modest.

Here are some interesting observations about the way our favorite celebrities live.

20. Matthew McConaughey’s Lil’ Office

He gave an update on the situation in rural areas across the United States.

Photo Credit: YouTube

19. Ellie Goulding’s Wooden Paradise

A rustic place to play her guitar.

Photo Credit: YouTube

18. Awkwafina’s Super-Cool Marble Room

A great place to celebrate doctors and nurses.

Photo Credit: YouTube

17. J.Lo’s Super Awesome Set

This is her home?!

Photo Credit: YouTube

16. Rolling Stones’ Different Homes

And yes, that’s not a real drum kit.

Photo Credit: YouTube

15. Lizzo’s Serene Glass House

That’s just a great place to quarantine.

Photo Credit: YouTube

14. Amy Poehler in What Can Only Be Pawnee

She used her time to introduce the Covenant House youth shelter in NYC.

Photo Credit: YouTube

13. John Legend’s Piano Room

Chock full of Grammy’s!

Photo Credit: YouTube

12. Samuel L. Jackson’s Chill Backyard

Nice and relaxing, isn’t it?

Photo Credit: YouTube

11. Annie Lennox’s Insta-Worthy Wood Paneling

Anyone can look cool in this room!

Photo Credit: YouTube

10. Jennifer Hudson’s Music Room

And that tiny ukelele!

Photo Credit: YouTube

9. Jack Black’s Homey Kitchen

With its many contraptions.

Photo Credit: YouTube

8. Oprah’s Living Room… and Plant

Classy, simple, and chic.

Photo Credit: YouTube

7. Taylor Swift’s Colorful Piano Room

That’s one sweet wallpaper!

Photo Credit: YouTube

6. Billie Eillish Really Loves Orchids

They are a cool flower though.

Photo Credit: YouTube

5. Billie Joe Armstrong’s Comfy Music Room

That’s a great-looking futon!

Photo Credit: YouTube

4. Idris and Sabrina Elba

Does that archway lead to a home office?

Photo Credit: YouTube

3. Lang Lang’s Yellow Piano Room

It would be easy to find inspiration there!

Photo Credit: YouTube

2. Celine Dion’s Very White Studio

Clean cut, like her.

Photo Credit: YouTube

1. And Lady Gaga

The host herself!

Photo Credit: YouTube

Some of our favorite celebrities live in comfy homes, while others have a unique sense of decor. As we’d expect, our favorite entertainers are isolating in places that are slightly more upscale than the average person, but many of them have comfy homes.

Which celebrity’s home surprised you the most? Let fellow commenters know!