5 Super Easy Tips for Keeping Things Tidy


There are messy people and there are tidy people, and very few who fall in between. Me? I’m definitely the former, though the older I get, the more anxiety having a mess around me creates and the more I try to find ways to keep a cleaner house.

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So for me, these 5 tips turned out to be surprisingly easy to implement – and now I’m totally less stressed. I hope they help you, too!

#5. Don’t leave anything on the floor

Books aren’t meant to go into a pile, and baskets are actually there to gather your crap. The fewer things you’ve got on the floor, the less chance other stuff gets tossed there, too.

#4. Keep enough cleaning supplies on hand

You don’t need any more excuses to not clean the bathroom, so make sure you’ve got everything you need, plus backups, too.

#3. Resist the knick knacks

Clutter is not your friend, and cute little souvenirs from your travels (or your friends’ travels) are only going to gather dust. You know you’re less likely to want to dust a surface full of stuff, so don’t give yourself the option.

#2. Never go to bed messy

You’re not allowed to watch the next episode of your Netflix show until the dishes are done, the toys are picked up, and the laundry is put away.

Trust me. You’ll enjoy it more.

#1. Tidy as you go

Neat people don’t make messes all day long and then spend an hour cleaning up at the end of the day. They tidy all day long, a little bit at a time, so nothing ever really gets messy.

None of that is so hard, is it?

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