Let’s Congratulate These 18 People on Their Wholesome Wins

The internet can be a dark and dirty place, full of trolls who want to tear us down and people who judge our choices and just about everything else in our lives.

That’s why we want to celebrate it when it decides to be something better, instead – a place where people can share their totally great wins and the rest of us give them a virtual high five, for example.

That’s what’s happening in these 18 tweets, so let’s get to it!

18. “Watch this.”

I want to give her a hug and a high five and forward him this tweet all at once.

17. I am blown away by this image.

That is a HUGE plant.

16. Lucky boy, lucky dog.

I’m not crying, YOU’RE crying.

15. I couldn’t love this more.

The showing up, the visual support. Yay family.

Image Credit: Twitter

14. What a transformation.

Stop and breathe, look around at what you’ve done.

13. We were all rooting for her.

The world needs more GOOD lawyers.

Image Credit: Twitter

12. Dreams really do come true.

I’m so proud of this stranger!

11. You can never give up.

Eventually, the finish line arrives – or maybe another start.

Image Credit: Twitter

10. Amazing mama.

They’re both going to do great things.

9. Where will he go next?

That’s what I really want to know.

Image Credit: Twitter

8. A good head on his shoulders.

I bet his parents are delighted.

7. We should be impressed.

Like, it might be decades before anyone does it again.

6. I never thought I’d want to high-five McDonald’s.

This is just the most wholesome thing.

5. We’re all still impressed.

This guy must have had great and supportive friends.

Image Credit: Twitter

4. Natural is beautiful.

Say it with me.

3. This hurts my heart.

In the best possible way. You go, sis.

2. He went the extra mile.

Sometimes you’ve gotta think outside the box.

1. Neither of them will ever forget it.

What a balm to the soul.

I’m cheesing right now for total strangers. How cool is that?!

Share with us in the comment a recent win that you’ve had – we want to hear it!