College Students Are Sharing Photos Of Fyre Fest–Like Meals In Quarantine They’re Eating

Oh, dorm food. Nothing compares to you. Though I wish I could have my youth again, I certainly don’t miss lukewarm chicken cutlet sandwiches and soggy caesar salads.

With the back-to-school season kicking into high gear again, some colleges are housing their students in a 2-week quarantine prior to the start of classes. The food they’re giving them… is next level gross.

Here are some disaster meals that colleges are serving their quarantined students.

According to this NYU student, this was the first meal of the day was a watermelon and chicken salad – served at a bright and early 6pm. The entree came complete with a rice krispie treat, an unripe orange, and – peanut butter?


They did not give me breakfast 💖 this was the first meal of the day #NYU #college #quarantine #covid #nyc #usa #uni #RockinCollege #food #fyp

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It’s totally beyond me how that could even remotely be considered a substantial meal, let alone the first one of the day. Keep in mind, many of these students are still paying full tuition plus room and board while waiting for their quarantine to end and for classes to begin. If you’re at NYU, that means you’re shelling out at least $76,614 for the school year. With a price tag like that, you’d think that these students would be served meal like they’re having lunch at Jean Georges or breakfast at the Ritz Carlton. Unfortunately, that is far from the reality.

Take a look at NYU striking out again. This isn’t even a meal – it’s a vague assortment of small snacks.


NYU isn’t the only college seriously dropping the ball when it comes to actually feeding its students. At University of Georgia, students are paying the full $2,000 for the semester’s meal plan. Here’s what they’re getting.


I shouldn’t pay all this money to get an elementary school vibe #uga #mealplan #fyp #georgia #covid

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That cafeteria looks more like a Great Depression Era food bank than a college dining hall. With COVID-19 delaying transportation, shipping, and most forms of human interaction, there could be a food crisis poised to strike students all across the US as their colleges attempt to resume some combination of in-person and online classes.

Think about it. Every student must quarantine themselves for at least two weeks whenever they are returning to campus after being in another state or area. That means after every summer, Thanksgiving, winter, and spring break, there will have to be a massive school-wide quarantine.

At NYU, there’s an average NYC-campus enrollment of just under 27,000, with 44% of those students living on campus. That means over 11,000 students have to quarantine themselves at once. Imagine 11,000 people who are totally reliant on one dining service – all at the same time.

If things keep going the way they are, it won’t be a pretty sight.

Here’s another UGA meal. On the bright side, a wet burger bun makes for the perfect petri dish.


Let’s be real. COVID-19 is intense. We’re likely experiencing one of the most difficult periods of history in the last century. Surely, though, there must be a better way than this.

Do you know any college students who have gotten served disaster meals during COVID?

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