Mall Madness Is Coming Back This Year, So Call Your Friends And Let’s Play

©Flickr,Steven Groves

Oh, this is gonna be fun!

Remember Mall Madness, the totally awesome board game that allowed all of us go on shopping sprees with our friends?

Yeah you do…

Well, it’s coming back in October 2020!

That’s right, Hasbro announced that the nostalgic board game that was originally released in 1988 as a tribute to the mall and consumer culture is coming back later this year.

The game will be very similar to the old versions of the game. The game will have 22 stores, fake ATM cards, and an electronic guide that tells players where they can catch all the hot sales.

OMG! I can’t wait!!!!

Players will get to choose from the characters Gwen, Sage, Avery, or Dax as they make their way through the mall bonanza.

The new version of the game launched at the International Toy Fair last month.

Hasbro’s VP of Global Brand Strategy & Marketing, Julien McCluney, said,

“The fact that so many adults reminisce about the original [game] more than 30 years after its initial release speaks volumes to its place in pop culture!”

What do you think? Are you excited about getting your hands on one of these, or what?

And, more importantly, are you ready for a nostalgic trip down memory lane?

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