Man Asks if He’s Wrong for Buying His Daughter a Locked Storage Bin

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AITA for buying my daughter a locked storage bin?

“I (53m) have a daughter (17F) who I recently bought this big storage container for that locks. The reason being our daughter has a job and likes buying her own food and snacks for herself.

The problem is that her mom invites her aunt, uncle and cousins over all the time and even since she started buying her snacks and leaving them in the pantry they’d eat them without consulting her, she’s asked them many times to not eat them but they don’t listen.

For reference she likes to order snacks from other countries as a way to broaden her horizons, she’s also linguistically gifted and liked to try and read labels to help expand her vocabulary. These snacks can take weeks to get after she orders them again and by then her current snacks are gone.

My wife didn’t do anything, saying that since our daughter kept them in the pantry they’re for everyone. She moved them to her room and her cousins would go in when she wasn’t and take them.

I went to a hardware store and bought a big container with a lock and for extra measure I bought extra locks and drilled holes so that they could be used.

Our daughter cried and thanked me because it was pretty expensive and not something she could afford.

Of course the cousins went to get more snacks and threw a fit when they saw it and realized the snacks where in there. They told their parents and they told my wife and she’s not happy with me, saying that our daughter should share her snacks with family and she’s being selfish and will get fat.

Our daughter is incredibly fit, does multiple sports and exercises all the time, she’s far from unhealthy.

I told my wife she could order her own and our daughter was happy to tell her where to order them but she didn’t like that either and told her that the chest needs to go and that I should’ve consulted her on buying the bin in the first place.


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