Man Asks if He’s Wrong for Demanding an Apology From His Mother.

Ahhhh, the old mother-son relationship…

It can get pretty complicated sometimes.

And that’s what happened in this story that a man shared on the “Am I the *sshole?” page on Reddit about an incident he had with his mom.

Let’s take a look at what happened.

AITA for demanding my mom apologize after she blew up at my girlfriend who she thought was being racist?

“I’m black and my girlfriend is Filipino. My parents aren’t the biggest fans just because we come from different socioeconomic backgrounds and they don’t think I should be with a “rich girl”

My parents came over for dinner last night and my girlfriend was going to cook. Neither of us cook much and we eat way too much takeout, so she decided to make fried chicken because it is something she made with her mom growing up. Her mom came here from the Philippines and I guess it is pretty popular over there.

When my mom saw the fried chicken she thought that my girlfriend was either making fun of her or just going off a racial stereotype. She immediately started cussing at her and demanding an apology.

I explained to my mom that fried chicken is popular in the Philippines and I googled it to show her that there are a lot of Filipino recipes.

She calmed down but did not apologize. I asked if she was going to apologize and she said it was just a misunderstanding. I said she should still apologize and she got offended, so I asked her to leave.

I’m not talking to her until she apologizes but I don’t know if that is too harsh.”

Here’s how Reddit users responded.

This person said that the man’s mother is a hypocrite and a racist.

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Another Reddit user said that the man did nothing wrong and that his mother is the one who needs to apologize.

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This reader made simple: Mom has some issues.

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Lastly, this person said that the mother’s stubbornness is just making the situation worse.

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