Man Asks if He’s Wrong for Not Helping a Guy Catch His Dog

What do I look like to you, the town’s dog catcher?

Well, apparently, this guy did because a random stranger asked him to help catch his missing dog…

So was he an a**hole for saying no?

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AITA for not helping a guy catch his dog?

“Wife and I and our 20 month old kid were at the park. All of a sudden a golden retriever comes dashing towards us, stops to interact with us. I shoo him away as I don’t want the dog around. The dog leaves and eventually disappears around a corner. There was no owner in sight.

A guy came running around down the alley and asked if I had seen a dog, described the one that had come by us. He asks if I knew where it went. At that moment the dog re-appeared about 100 yards away and I pointed it out to him.

This is where things get awkward. He asked me to help him catch his dog. I told him no. He seemed shocked that I said no. I told him I’d rather stay with my kid and I don’t know his dog. He said he was desperate for help catching it. He asked me again and I said no again.

I told him I already shoo’d the dog away as I didn’t want it around. He gets incredulous and says if his dog gets hurt or not found he would blame me. He runs off to go chase his dog and calls me an a**hole and other stuff as he leaves.”

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