Man Asks if He’s Wrong for Not Trying to Convince His Parents to Treat All Their Grandkids Equally

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AITA for not trying to convince my parents to treat all their grandchildren equally?

“I (47) got divorced from my first wife when I was 29. We had two kids and my folks loved them more than anything.

My ex wife wasn’t happy with the lifestyle that I could provide. I wasn’t making a lot of money but we weren’t in debt or anything. We had good cars and we had just put a downpayment on our first home that we would own.

Her boss was rich. He was 47 and he could provide luxuries that were out of my reach. She left me for him. I still had to pay child support but I guess I was lucky that I didn’t pay spousal support.

I had to work and I couldn’t get custody. I got visitation. And my ex made it hard. The kids were young. And she manipulated them. If I had planned to take them to a local resort for our summer vacation she would take them to Disneyland the week before.

I would always come up short. Eventually the kids refused to spend time with me. It went to court and I basically had to accept that I couldn’t force them to see me and my parents.

I met my second wife (33) at the dog park when I was 37 and she was 24. She had a son who was about the age my son was the last time my parents got to see him. My parents accepted him right away. He loves them. My wife is like a daughter to them. It is what I always wanted for a life. We have two more kids now (8, 5). My stepson is about to graduate next year.

So a few years ago my dad sold his company. He is an engineer and he had some patents that ended up being worth a fair bit of money.

He paid off my house. He also made educational funds for my three kids. He figured the older ones were done school and hadn’t bothered to visit them in years so they didn’t need anything from him.

Turns out that was wrong. My ex wife married a scam artist. He was rich. But he wasn’t rich enough for the lifestyle she wanted. So he stole from his clients. And then he went to jail.

My oldest kids are in a lot of debt. My ex is living with her parents.

She recently tried to tell me that my parents needed to be fair with all their grandchildren.

I told her it was their money to spend on the people they loved and who loved them back.

She said that we were punishing her kids for her mistakes. I said that both of our kids were adults and hadn’t made any effort to see me or my parents in over a decade.

She said I’m being an a**hole for not convincing my parents to help her kids.”

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