Man Asks if He’s Wrong for Not Wanting to Go to His Girlfriend’s Boss’s Wedding

My philosophy is that I’ll go to any wedding as long as I don’t have to participate or do anything at all except eat, drink, and dance.

Are you with me on this one, or what?!?!

Well, either way, check out this story and see if you think this guy is acting like an a**hole for not wanting to go to his girlfriend’s boss’s wedding.

AITA for not wanting to attend my GF’s boss’s wedding?

“My gf (23f) and me (24m) have been together for over 2 years. While i’m finishing my last year of my degree she has started as a physiotherapist at the start of the month.

She joined a group of practitioners in another village which is 2 hours away from where i study so obviously we don’t see each other as much as we used to. Therefore i have promised to keep as much weekends free for her as possible, giving up time with my own family and friends. I don’t mind this bc i love her and enjoy spending time with her.

Recently her new boss is getting married and invited my gf over to the wedding and said that i could come too. Since the wedding falls on a saturday my gf thought i would be coming so she RSVP’d.

I am kind of annoyed because i really don’t feel like going to a wedding whe i literally don’t know a soul and she would know 3 people tops. When i told her (this was like 3 weeks ago) she got mad and said that i already was breaking my promise to her.

I feel like i did not break any promise, I still kept the weekend free for her, like i told her. She is not obligated to attend the wedding and certainly can’t force me to go. I told her she can go if she wants to but that i will be without me. If she wants to spend time together she will not go.

She still calls me an a**hole over this, is still mad at me and brings it up anytime she can which drives me nuts. My mom also tells me i’m in the wrong but my friends think i should stand my ground.”

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