Person Asks if They’re Wrong for Telling a Customer That Their Body Is Their Own Business

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AITA for telling a customer that my body isn’t her business?

“For context, I have worked in customer service for 3 years now. Just until I can finish up college and move on to a different career path.

The place where I work has a few “regulars” that come in once or twice a week. These people are usually older, maybe in their 40’s or 50’s. Most of our staff (including me) are 25 or younger.

Recently, I got my second tattoo. I have one on my ribs and just got another on my arm. It’s not very large and has significant meaning to me.

One of our regulars, we’ll call her “Ann” came in. “Ann” has always been particularly difficult so we always expect an issue. This time, she IMMEDIATELY noticed the tattoo. She pointed it out with a statement that was like “Hmm… that’s cute. But you know it’s permanent, right?” I smiled and nodded, thinking the conversation would end there. It didn’t, of course.

She then made a weird, almost disgusted face and said “young people always ruin their bodies with things like this. What possessed you to get that? No self respecting young lady would want that.”

Now, I’m not one for dramatics or long drawn out arguments so I said “It’s matching with my cousin after we lived through a very traumatic event together (an intoxicated driver caused a wreck when we were 18). Regardless, my body is not your business and I would appreciate if you’d keep your judgement to yourself. Thanks.” Then I finished her transaction.

Well, 2 days after that, she sent in a review saying I made her feel targeted and embarrassed, and that it’s a shame because I’d be “prettier with clean skin and a good temperament”. Maybe I called her out too harshly but I was just trying to stop an issue before it truly started.


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