Man Asks if He’s Wrong for Telling His Co-Worker to Get Her Dog Out of His Cubicle

Get that filthy animal out of my space!


That sure doesn’t sound good, does it?!?!

But was this guy justified in what he said?

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AITA for telling a coworker to get her s**tty dog out of my cube after she called me a weirdo?

“Yesterday afternoon a coworker brought her (35F) new dog to the office to show it off to everyone. She made the rounds going to everyone’s cube and office. Seemed like everyone was excited to meet it and pet it and all that.

To preface the situation with this coworker, I (28M) can’t stand dogs. There is just about nothing about them I like. I find them obnoxious and gross and people take them places far too much.

I don’t understand why you need your dog to run errands or to go out to eat, especially when odds are the place is not dog friendly. My opinion about dogs, I usually keep to myself and quietly remove myself from situations.

She gets to my cube, and says hey this is my new dog, I named him fido. I just say cool and continue working. Well my lack of enthusiasm at having a dog in my space was not apparent to her. She asks me to pet him citing trying to socialize him. I say no, I’d rather not do that.

I’m sure someone else will pet him. It’s clear that me refusing baffles her. She asks if I don’t like dogs and I respond with i’m not the biggest fan. She says only weirdos don’t like dogs. I respond with loudly, okay get your s**tty dog out of my cube now.

She leaves but calls me an a**hole as she moves on. She’s now going around telling the whole office about our interaction. So was I the a**hole?”

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