She’s Not Moving Home After She Found Out She’s Pregnant. Is She Wrong?

To go home, or not to go home, that is the question

And it can be a complicated one, depending on a person’s family dynamic.

Check out this woman’s story and see if you think she’s out of line for not moving home after she learned that she’s pregnant.

AITA for not moving home after finding out that I am pregnant?

“My husband (28M) and I(27F) have been married for 1.5years. We both work in tech. Both our parents live in the same city as us.

Recently for a project I had to move to a different city for about 6 months and since he had to go to the office 2-3 times a week he didnt move with me. So we came up with an agreement that we would visit each other every other week and alternatively so that I could meet my parents atleast once a month.

This went well for 2 months and then I found out now that I am pregnant. It was my turn to visit him and when I told him he was really happy and he told me that he would try to get work from home option for him so that he could stay with me for the remainder of time.

When we went to tell his parents they asked when I was coming back and I told them that I couldnt leave the project mid way and that my husband is coming to stay my MIL freaked out saying that he cant leave the city and what if they have any emergency and she sort of called me an AH for taking their son away.”

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One person said she’s NTA but her mother-in-law sure is.

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