Man Asks if He’s Wrong for Telling People He Wasn’t Invited to a Wedding

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AITA for telling people that I wasn’t invited to a wedding?

“I’ve been working for my company for 7 years now, five of which have been spent on my current team. There are 15 people on it and I’d say we’re all pretty close, relatively speaking. I have a coworker named Bob[33m], who joined the team when I did.

During the pandemic he announced to everyone on a Zoom meeting that he was now engaged.

Fast forward to this January and Bob says that his wedding would be held in September of this year at a really beautiful winery.

About five months ago the invites started coming in for everyone on the team, but mine didn’t. I waited a few weeks but nothing came, so I went to Bob and asked if my invite got sent out. He gave me a solemn look and then told me that I wasn’t invited because of a “spacing issue”.

He said he tried to make it work, but just couldn’t, and hoped I didn’t take it personally. He also said I’d be sure to get wedding favors and a piece of cake. He also asked me to keep it to myself and “please not make a big deal out of it”. I honestly didn’t know what to say, so I guess I just said “okay” and walked away.

I won’t lie, I was upset. I h**e feeling excluded, and it was doubly worse because everyone else on the team was going except for me. And honestly, I really like weddings, they’re usually very fun. I kept it to myself, but I wasn’t happy.

The day of the wedding came three weeks ago. and it went by without a hitch. Everyone on my team had a grand time and said it was beautiful The food and party was great as well and apparently everyone got a dozen fresh apple cider donuts to take home. I never did get that cake or wedding favors btw.

At work the following Monday my team member, Sherri, told me that everyone was confused as to where I was. Apparently Bob said I was sick and couldn’t make it. I was confused and then p**sed, I straight up told her I wasn’t invited, and left it at that. She looked shocked, and asked me to confirm and I said yes I wasn’t invited.

Well Sherri told someone, because about five people asked me if I wasn’t invited and I said it was true.

Today was Bob’s first day back from his honeymoon and it must have gotten back to him that I spilled the beans. He approached me in the break room and he was upset that I told Sherri and that it wasn’t a big deal I missed the wedding. I said “how would you like to be excluded from something everyone else is going to?”

We went back and forth for a bit, before Bob walked away. I was pretty upset, so upset that my project manager came to ask me if I was okay because she heard about me not being invited. I didn’t want this to go this far, so I said yes. But other team members came up to me and said that Bob should have invited me, and it was wrong he didn’t.

Look I realize that it was his wedding day and he’s allowed to invite who he wants, but I’m allowed to be upset that I wasn’t invited right?

So Reddit, AITA for telling people I wasn’t invited to the wedding and being upset about it?”

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