Man Breaks Into House, Cooks Breakfast and Tells Resident to ‘Go Back to Sleep’

Photo Credit: iStock

This might be the most wholesome crime ever. A man in Florida broke into someone’s home and cooked himself a nice breakfast. When the resident woke up, the burglar simply told them to “go back to sleep.”

Perhaps the burglar didn’t offer to make the resident a plate because they were not happy about the whole situation. They went on to call 911.

The suspect, Gavin Crim, is a 19-year-old Marine. He allegedly entered the house through an unlocked back door while the resident was asleep, according to local deputies. The resident discovered him in their kitchen, cooking and eating, sometime after 4 a.m. on a Tuesday morning.

After the resident threatened to call 911, Gavrin fled from the scene. Deputies tracked him down in a wooded swamp area behind the house. He was arrested and charged with burglary of an occupied dwelling. He has since been released on a $1000 bond, and officers say he confessed to the burglary.

It’s not clear what Gavin’s motive was, but an arrest report mentioned that Gavin may have been under the influence of alcohol, which kind of explains the situation. A few stiff drinks could totally inspire you to enter a random house in search of waffles!

The resident didn’t specify what kind of breakfast the burglar made, but it’s safe to say that he probably didn’t do the dishes.