Man Finds His Nursery School “Bride” 16 Years Later on Twitter

Photo credit: @Jxck_C

Do you remember your first love?

No, not the person you met in your teens that may have set you up for relationship success or failure down the road, your real first love. We’re talking about the person you met in kindergarten or grade school that you just couldn’t stay away from.

We’ve all had crushes since our schoolyard days, but rarely did we “marry” them and reconnect later in life. Unlike the rest of us, UK resident Jack Callow, 20, had quite a different experience.

Callow married his first love in what appears to be a full-blown “wedding” celebration with his nursery school friends in attendance. After he posted the photos of their special day to Twitter, he was able to track down his long lost love.


Jack came across the adorable pictures while visiting his grandfather and decided to post them, but never dreamed his “spouse” would be found. Twitter, however, had different ideas, and his post went viral.

It didn’t take too long for the former object of his affection, Rena Jutla, 21, to pop up. The student from Buckinghamshire had forgotten all about the blessed event and didn’t even know photos existed. They absolutely made her day.

Callow says he doesn’t remember much about the day other than the proposal, which prompted the school to take things to another level for the kids.

Their parents joined in, a priest officiated, and 16-years-later, Twitterers everywhere heaved a collective sigh of “awwww.”

Maybe it’s not too late?

Do you remember the very first person who stole your heart?

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